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Useful CFP Courses Johor Bahru (JB)

In times like this, surviving in the current economy and environment has proved to be more and more challenging and one must be proactive to stand out from the crowd. Technology advancement has given us the advantage to explore various career opportunities through easily accessible business-related online courses. Financial Planning/Financial Advisory has topped the list of business-related courses with its proven career advancement opportunities that rewards you with lucrative income. Useful CFP Courses Johor Bahru (JB).

Why Financial Industry?

  Financial Advisor is akin to the role of a Family Doctor. Except that in the case of the latter, the service delivered is physical health, while the former delivers mental peace through financial health.
Highly Paid Profession

Highly Paid Profession

Financial Advisor is one of the elite professions that are not only highly respected and sought-after but also pays well with high performance-based remuneration system.
A Growing Network

Network Expansion

This is a career that circles around people. Being a Financial Advisor gives you the opportunity to establish and grow personal and professional networks continuously.
Employment Opportunities Unlimited

Unlimited Career Opportunities

The very nature of this career offers a diverse range of career advancement opportunities and is often able to create even more employment opportunities for others.
Personal Satisfaction

Personal Satisfaction

A fulfilling career that helps others achieve financial goals through applying relevant knowledge and skills while earning income based on a fair performance-based remuneration system.
Excellent Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

A successful Financial Advisor maintains the balance between professional and personal commitments more easily than many other professions.
Financial Advisors help clients achieve short-term and long-term financial goals, including buying a house, paying for children's education, improving retirement living standards, enhancing investment returns, planning for personal taxes and assets distribution. The specialized financial advice is also extended to business owners who are seeking business cash flow and credit scoring enhancement, employee benefits schemes, business succession strategy, and even more financial-related advice.
Financial Advisors constantly keep themselves up to date on the most current and accurate financial knowledge and expertise to ensure client’s sound financial future.
Chris Ton 01/ 03
I am a finance major and I have always wanted to specialize in financial planning. I came across Smart Freesia’s online advertisement by chance and after obtaining more details I enrolled myself in their program, and that was the best decision I ever made. Smart Freesia has greatly assisted me in attaining my CFP certification by making things easier with their dedicated teaching and guidance. Thanks to Smart Freesia to give a wonderful opportunity. 
Kaylyn Eng 02/ 03
When I decided to change my career path from engineering to the financial industry, I was introduced to Smart Freesia by a friend of mine. I signed up for their financial planning courses and further pursued my CFP certification. I was exposed to a broad range of practical financial planning knowledge which is not only applicable to my new career but also to my own life. Now I am entering my 4th year in my financial career, and thanks to Smart Freesia I am able to excel even when I used to be in a very different industry.
Heng Leng  
Lee Heng Leng 03/ 03
As a practicing scientist in the field of research, I was unfamiliar but at the same time intrigued by financial planning information. I gained a theoretical and practical understanding of financial planning through Smart Freesia and it significantly helped me in developing and managing my own financial goals and plans. With very practical teaching techniques, I am able to pick up relevant knowledge without much difficulty.