How to be certified?

All candidates must be registered with approved education providers and attend the pre-requisite number of lecture hours. There are 3 options to complete the certification course as below.

Certification Pathway Options

Option A - Exam Based

Interested parties with at least a Bachelor’s degree are required to sit for the entire certification course, which comprises of the following Modules.
Module 1
Foundation in Financial Planning and Tax Planning
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Module 2
Insurance Planning & Estate Planning
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Module 3
Investment Planning and Retirement Planning
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Module 4
Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities
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The shortest time frame to complete the program is 9 months.

Option B - Modular Exemption

FPAM recognizes that certain professional qualifications cover partial components in financial planning. Holders of the following qualifications are granted exemption as listed below (terms & conditions apply).
No. Qualifications M1 M2
1 Active FIMM member who have passed “CUTE” or “PRS” examination Yes  
2 Registered Financial Planners (MFPC) Yes Yes
3 Shariah Registered Financial Planners (MFPC) Yes Yes

Option C - Challenge Status

Only Malaysians who possess the following qualifications or professional credentials with 3 years relevant work experience in personal finance* are eligible to apply. The exemption is for Modules 1 to 3 of the certification. Applicants are allowed only 3 consecutive attempts under this option. (terms & conditions apply).
  Professional Accountants (CA(M), CPA (M), CPA (Aust), AICPA, ACA, ACCA, ICMA, and AIA)
  Chartered Secretaries (ICSA & Fellow of MACS)
  Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)
  Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  Ph.D. (Business, Accounting or Economics)
  Masters (Business Admin/ Finance/ Economics/ Accounting) from accredited universities
  Islamic Financial Planner (IFP)
* personal finance related experience can be in any of the following areas: insurance, mutual funds, securities, asset management, accounting, estate planning, banking, taxation, trusts, retirement planning and financial planning and must be within the 5 years prior to application
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And 3 Years of Relevant Work Experience

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Application Process

Complete the relevant forms, and attach duly certified certificates, academic transcripts, and letters from employer(s) confirming work experience on the employer(s)’ letterhead. Forms are available from FPAM’s website or approved education providers.
Application for Modular Exemption under Option B or Challenge Status under Option C must be submitted at least 2 months before registration for the examination and must be submitted individually. Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in your application not being processed in time for the next examination.

Examination Centres for CFP Certification Examination

Exam Centre Venue
Kuala Lumpur (KL) Universiti Malaya
Penang (PG) KDU Penang Campus
Kota Kinabalu (KK)
(June/ July session only)
Kinabalu Commercial College
Kuching (KCH)
(Dec session only)
SEGi College Sarawak
Johor Bahru (JB) Max Wealth Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

Examination Format for CFP Certification Examination

Module 1 75 Objective Questions to be completed in 3 hours
Module 2 75 Objective Questions to be completed in 3 hours
Module 3 75 Objective Questions to be completed in 3 hours
Module 4 Paper 1 60 Objective Questions to be completed in 3 hours
Module 4 Paper 2 Prepare a Financial Plan based on case study to be completed in 3 hours

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